Friday, December 30, 2005

Disneyland Part 2

We did so much in the week that we were there that I thought I'd just give you a quick pictoral tour.

New Beginnings

I'm really struggling at the moment with uncertainty and not knowing what my life will be like in six months time. Where will we be living? Will we be starting a family? Will we even have a house? I've always had a long-term plan and had a pretty good idea of what the year ahead will bring. For 2006 I have no clue past February. It's kinda scary when I think about it. All I know is that we'll be together and that we will end up where we are meant to be I just have to trust in God's plan and everything will work out. Knowing that sure doesn't make it any easier to live with though.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Disneyland Part 1

It began with a road trip and our first tentative steps into the US. We were kinda nervous about the border crossing because of our visa and things but after around 30 minutes they let us through. Although they did take our fingerprints and mug shots which was kinda weird and made us feel like criminals, not the best introduction to America, it certainly isn't as friendly as Canada.

And then 4 hours later we were at the airport. After spending an eternity in Spokane airport we arrived at LAX where we were abducted by a strange man in a shuttle bus, he just picked up our luggage and put it in his van along with that of 6 other people none of whom knew what was going on, suffice to say this wasn't what we'd planned but we got to our hotel in one piece just (the journey was an experience, he stopped at the gas station and jabbered on in some unintelligble language). Our hotel was lovely it was all made out to look like a princess castle and they let us check in 4 hours early which was great so we had a quick shower and headed out to Disneyland.

Friday, December 16, 2005

We're Going

We're leaving for Disneyland in an hour or so and I've not finished packing or tidying the house. Just thought I'd say a final farewell and we'll see everyone at Christmas

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Misery Guts

I've been pretty miserable so far this week mostly because Craig has been spending a couple of hours every evening fitting some hardwood flooring or something to the stairs. It's also kinda hard being away from home at Christmas which is why I'm so glad we're going to Disneyland to take my mind off it. I'm really glad we've got Bible Study tonight i need to spend time around my friends and have fun. Hopefully tonight is the last night that Craig will be workingon the house too so I'll get to spend some time with him, I can't believe how much my whole life and mood is effected by not spending much time with him, I've totally gone into a fit of depression which is so sad. I have to admit to being pretty selfish when it comes to his time i want it all to myself so the prospect of getting to be with him 24/7 next week is totally thrilling to me. Well I'd better go and well actually I have nothing to do work is completely dead today so be prepared for a random phone call from me, Amanda has already had one.

Two Days and Counting

I can't wait!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

That holiday feeling

It's Monday morning and I should be feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the week of work ahead, unfortunately all I can think of is ways to goof off and play. To make matters worse all of us are feeling in a similar mood and when we feel like this it usually ends in bizarre photos being taken and distributed via email to everyone else in WorkZone (they are probably doing what they're paid to do, unlike us.)

I'm sure by the end of the day we'll have taken more random shots, my job is soooo hard some days I don't know how I cope with the stress.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Too Busy To Blog

I just don't seem to have had any time to myself this week at all and it isn't going to get any better over the weekend with all the Christmas parties. Last night to make things worse I got locked out of the house for an hour and had to stand in the freezing cold until Craig got home. This will probably be my last blog entry for a few days as I have no time to do anything unless I steal a few minutes at work.


Sunday, December 04, 2005

Happy 30th Birthday

My sister is going to kill me for putting this on my blog but it's the only one I have. Just to say Happy birthday. We miss you loads Karen and hope you enjoy being 30. Love you.

Lazy Sunday Afternoons

The best feeling in the world has to be just lying on the couch on Sunday afternoon, knowing that you don't have to do anything all day long but enjoy yourself relaxing before work Monday morning. We've been babysitting most of the weekend which has given me a new found appreciation for parents everywhere. So for now I'm going to relish every last second of being able to have time to myself as I'm sure in the years to come that time will be practically non-existent.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Walking in the Snow Part 2

I'm going a bit camera crazy at the moment so these random posts may continue for a while.

Craig Cooked Dinner Again Tonight

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Walking in the snow

I had to walk home from work today and I happened to have the camera with me so I took a few pictures. just as I was about to capture all the Christmas lights on Main Street the camera said Card Full and so I had to be content with these rather pathetic shots of the park.

Portrait of a short haired lunatic

Cut your hair off and it makes you crazy!