Monday, January 30, 2006


So we are now officially being sponsored by the Provincial Nominee Program for permanent residence in Canada. Basically what this means is that we can now submit our forms to immigration who will fast track it through in 4 to 6 months and then we will have the paperwork to prove we're legal. They are also contacting immigration about our temporary work visa to arrange for us to get a temporary permit until our permanent forms come through. We can go back to England in February for a holiday and tie up all our loose ends and when we come back to Canada in march it will be for good. This is great because it means I don't lose my job and we can look into buying a house as soon as possible. Finally some stability and planning in my life!

We're Staying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We just got the news today that our permanent visa has been approved and in 4-6 months we'll be Canadians. I'll let you all now the details later as I'm working right now but the title says it all. WE'RE STAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Friday, January 27, 2006

Just Like Abby

You need to have seen Jen's latest post fo rhtis to make any sense but this afternoon I'm just liek Abby, except I'm not sleep and eating, I'm sleeping and working (or not working as the case may be). It's so hard to seem professional and all knowing when you keep yawning in peoples faces. Luckily I only have 55 minutes till I can go home and nap oh the joy!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Too Much Food

Why can my brain not tell me I'm full? I went to Zias for lunch today with Angella and Amanda and had my usual Chicken Pita, fries and caesar salad. Normally I would save half the pita and some salad for dinner but no today I had to clear my plate and I'm now sat in work totally regretting that decision. Oh well I'm going to start a detox this weekend to try and clear out my system.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

About to get your hopes up.........

We may have made some progress with the visa. Nothing is definite yet I have to call back this afternoon but the lady from the office where our permanent residence visa is stuck, is trying to expedite the process so that we won't have to go back to the UK. I think she feels bad because our visa is up and we are being kicked out of Canada when we should really have our permanent residence by now. We applied back in June for this program that was supposed to take six weeks, oh well fingers crossed that they can speed up the process and let us know ASAP.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Wives Night Off

Another infamous night in Kelowna, more hot photos, more cocktails, why don't we do this more often?

The birthday girls

Does Dustin know what you're up to?

Why does Amanda still look so hot, even when she's pulling stupid faces?

Tianna looking beautiful as usual

A glimpse into the future

Have we been a bad influence on Jen?

Needless to say much fun and laughter was had by all, (sorry but I didn't get any good pictures of everyone from the other end of the table my flash wasn't working too well).

A Day In The Life of a WorkZone Facilitator

SO Nisha wanted to blog. We're sat on our lunch break after having consumed vast quantities of food and hoping that the clock will stop for a while so that we don't have to open up in 30 SECONDS. Oops bettter go, check later for embarassing pictures from our girls night out.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Banned From Blogging!

Yes you read it right, last night my husband banned me from blogging! I went to get my laptop and he said that I had to put it down and I wasn't ALLOWED to blog! Actually I wasn't going to blog I was just cleaning the laptop but that didn't matter I acted all offended. He did explain that he wanted me all to himself all evening (which pacified me a little) then he bought me a new handbag which he chose himself, so I was happy again. Reading this back shows just how superficial I am, buy me a present and I'll forgive you for anything, oh well at least I'll get nice stuff!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Blogger Blessings

I've been touched recently by the response to my blog and how it brings people into my life. I've been contacted a few times lately by people I've never met but who take the time and effort to let me know that they read my blog and offer their support. It truly is amazing the connection you feel to complete strangers and the insight you get into their lives though something so simple. When I first started blogging I intended it to be mainly for my family back in England but as it's progressed it's become much more than that, it's a way to keep in touch with friends through the week, it can be a place to purge emotions and thoughts that might otherwise not be expressed and it's a place to make new friends and experience the ups and downs of other people sturggling their way through life like everyone else. I'm so thankful that I have an outlet like this and although my posts may be sometimes guarded lest I insult or offend somebody by accident I still feel that I can be honest and fairly open here. Thank you if you take the time to be bothered to read about my simple life I appreciate reading about yours.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Sunday Lunch

SO to make up for the fact that I cancelled the party for Craig at the last minute I was thinking of having everyone over for lunch on Sunday after Church. Nothing fancy just some appies and cake and stuff plus this has the added advantage of nobody having to worry about babysitting. Let me know if anyone is up for it and I can get planning so that I don't have to ring you all Saturday night and say it's cancelled.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Random Photos Part Two

Random Photos Part One

I found some forgotten photos floating about our computer so I thought I'd share some of my favourites.

Craig's Birthdays (yes I said birthdays)

Well the birthday boy didn't want a party until at 5pm on his birthday he says to me I wish we were having a partyAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH. At this point everyone else already seemed to have plans or weren't answering their phones so we went out to dinner instead. Craig said he wanted to stay up late and watch movies so we got comfortable and were happily watching our first movie when I looked up and at 9pm he was fast asleep (he's starting to show his age ah 26 it's all downhill from here) I like the fact that for the next few weeks Craig is two years older than me I still get to be 24 while he's now 26 believe me this feeling will be dashed when I turn 25 (that sounds so old).

So for Craig's second birthday today he spent the majority of it away from me in the workshop. Tonight we're going to try another movie night and see if he can stay awake past 9pm, I don't hold out much hope.

Friday, January 13, 2006

We're Not Having A Party

Thanks everyone for your imput on the whole party planning fiasco but Craig has decided he doesn't want a party so i'm not going to all the effort for someone who isn't even bothered. He had the whole guys bonding thing last night and I think he wants to go watch Glory Road at the theatre, I want to watch Tristan and Isolde but I guess he should get his way while it is his birthday.

I'm really looking forward to the girls night out we've got coming up to celebrate Jen and Angella's birthdays it's going to be so great. It has been far too long since we got dressed up, went out and had cocktails and appetisers. Of course along with the fun for me comes the pain of finding something nice to wear that either fits or doesn't make me look the size of a house. Having a friend lend you a maternity dress to wear doesn't boost your confidence very much, especially seeing as it was still a little tight and I'm not even pregnant (sigh)

Anyway enough of my pity party I'd better get back to work it's been crazy here today and J is driving me crazy AAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH

Thursday, January 12, 2006

We're Having A Party

It's Craigs birthday tomorrow so we're throwing him a bit of a bash. As of noon today (the day before the party) I have no idea where it's going to be, when it's going to be, who'll be there, what we'll be eating or if Craig even wants to bother, in fact he seems to think we're going to watch a movie or something. Anyway I'm sure my trusty friends will help me in my hour of need and make some kind of decisions for me or this could be the worst party in the histroy of the world ever.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

England Calls

I'm starting to get really excited about going back to England, I can't wait to see my family again. I'd love to stay in Canada and i'm sure I'll be happy to come back here in March but right now I can't wait to see my Mum at the airport and my sister it makes me tear up juat thinking about it. I didn't realise how much I missed them or how long it's been since I saw them until it got so close to us going back there. Even speaking to my Dad on the phone lately has been great it's going to be so much fun catching up with all the kids and our friends, a year is a long time to be away.

Friday, January 06, 2006

The Weekend Beckons

It's been a pretty rough week for us this week with bad news from jolly old England so I am totally looking forward to today at 4pm when I can just relax and spend some time with Craig. It's amazing how much more I need the weekend when I work full-time, even though it's only one extra day it feels like a lifetime. I'm looking forward to hanging out with good friends, eating good food and generally having some fun. Plus I need to get some ideas for Craig's birthday I'd like to do something special but knowing me I'll probably run out of time and do nothing at all. So any suggestions are gratefully received as to how we can celebrate, fear not a DQ ice cream cake will be an essential element of the proceedings whatever we decide to do.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Retail Therapy

You know how they say bad news comes in threes well we got some horrible news from home this morning, so to counteract the effects we decided to buy stuff. We were quite restrained although now that I think about it I should have let Craig buy what he wanted to. We saw a 1 carart princess cut solitaire diamond ring in 18 ct white gold and he really wanted to buy it for me but I said no even though it was the most beautiful ring I've ever seen bar none (it was also $4000 and I thought this was a little excessive just to cheer me up). So instead of this we got toys. I got an MP3 player

It's got 6gb of memory and all these special features but I just wanted it because it's pink, this picture doesn't really show it very well but it's shiny and cool.

Craig got a PSP which he's wanted for so long I can't remember a time when he wasn't bugging me for one. So we both got presents to play with but part of me still wishes I had a huge diamond oh well!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

I'm looking forward to 2006 and hope that it can be as exciting and fun filled as 2005 was. We had so many changes in our lives last year and things are obviously still unclear for us yet I know that 2006 has so much in store for us. So from Craig and me Happy New Year and all the best for 2006.