Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Random Conversations in Bed

This morning Craig got a phone call to say that the house they were working on was inaccessible due to the snow so he was getting the day off. What resulted was an hour long random, meandering conversation, you know the ones I mean when it's dark and you just say whatever comes into your head as you're lying in bed. They're great and a lovely way to start the day but it they can also be really dangerous when your wife is emotionally unstable and feeling fragile and the husband is just real dumb! Suffice to say some things were taken the wrong way and sulking ensued (although it lasted all of ten seconds) The problem with starting your day off in such a nice way is that it doubly sucks when you have to get out of bed and get ready for work, especially when it's -3 and everything is buried under a huge pile of snow.

Monday, November 28, 2005


So Craig's catchphrase was back yesterday, pretty much every suggestion I made to him was greeted by the infamous words "I don't want to". It's so hard when he has these days where he's really lethargic and has no interest in doing anything. But fear not I've found a cure for the "I don't want to"'s go to the store and buy your own body weight in chips, candy and chocolate along with the ingredients to make Skor Bars and watch the smile appear on his face. Suffice to say I now have a cupboard full of junk food and my willpower is being severely tested but I intend to be strong for now at least.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Party Season

I sense that the next few weeks are going to start getting really busy as Christmas fast approaches. Not only have I nowhere near finished shopping for presents there is also the endless round of Christmas parties to go to. Craig's boss gave me a ride to work this morning and informed me that their party is Dec 9th, it's a good job Albert did pick me up as Craig wouldn't have thought it important to let me know any details until an hour before we were due to be there. My work staff party is still yet to be arranged, plus we leave for Disneyland three weeks tomorrow. I feel tired just typing and we've still got to arrange a bible study party as well as all the millions of other things that seem to need to be done each week. Who needs sleep anyway!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Getting Broody

It seems that I'm thinking about having a baby more and more lately. Every small child I see or preganant woman makes me long to have a child of my own. It doesn't help when one of your friends is pregnant and you see the joy it brings. Usually this feeling subsides pretty quickly, especially when I encounter a particularily obnoxious child and I wonder why anyone would want to create something so vile, lately though the feeling persists regardless of how many horrible children I come across. I think my biological clock is officially ticking and I know that Craig's has for the past few months. We may be nearly ready to start a family of our own, but don't hold me to that it may just be my unpredictable hormones talking.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Extreme Moods

Isn't it weird how some days are just better than others even when you don't do anything different than normal. Today I love my job even though it is exactly the same as it was last week and the week before that. I was in such a bad mood yesterday every time Craig breathed in and out I wanted to rip his head off. Today I'm so happy I could burst I have no idea what these crazy moods swings are all about but I'm certainly enjoying today's more than yesterday's.

Friday, November 18, 2005


Thanks Christy for introducing the joys of a guestbook, now my family can leave me comments without having to join up as a blogger (I still think you should start one though Karen)

Nap TIme

This is my first blog entry all on my own as I've managed to wrest the laptop away from my blog addicted wife. After being in Osoyoos this morning for three and a half hours of work, I drove home stuck behind the slowest pump truck ever, it took me sooooo long to get home. I was carrying in the back of the van some pre-mixed material and my tools all ready to work on the house when I got home, so I pulled onto the driveway, got out of the van, walked up to the door, walked through the living room, into the bedroom, where I proceeded to put my pyjamas on, crawled into bed and slept for two hours until awoken by my beautiful, wonderful wife (just in case you're wondering my tools, the mud and the bucket are still in the back of the van awaiting to be hit with a hammer and cleaned up).

Afternoon naps are the best!

Feeling terrible

I feel like the worst person in the world. I went to Christy's house for lunch today with Amanda and we kinda ran over a little so it was 12.50 when I got back to work instead of 12.30 and wouldn't you know that my boss would be sat there waiting for me with a face like a thundercloud. I was so mortified, I felt like a naughty child about to be told off by my parent. After the predicted scolding she was really nice about it but I feel so guilty, I'm like that's it I can never leave the office at lunch time again just in case. I hate feeling guilty it just makes you feel so down and the feeling just won't seem to go away. This is divine retribution for eating those sinfully delicious Nanaimo bars at lunch.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Craig Wants To Blog

Initially when we set up this blog it was to so that our family in England could keep up to date with what was happening in our lives over here in Canada. Gradually though it changed from being this joint project, into it being completely mine. Craig never really gets any input into what goes on the blog, most of the time I won't even let him read the entries because they are about him. So I've decided to hand the blog back over to being for both of us, hence the addition of Dustin's blog on our links section. Craig was going to attempt to have his own blog but it would probably make no sense to anybody but him and me and perhaps Dustin who seems just as crazy as Craig. So watch this space for thoughts from Craig, I really can't wait to see what he'll write.

Monday, November 14, 2005

A New Blogger

Craig's big sister Lindsey wanted to post a comment on our blog and look where it led. Anyway check out her blog she has put some wedding photos on there which is great as Craig and I couldn't go. This blogging thing sure is contagious I need to convince my sister now to set one up so that I can have a constant supply of photos from home.

He Makes Me Smile

Do you ever just sit and smile when you think about your husband? I'm just sat here working away and an image of Craig came into my head and made me all warm and tingly inside and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. I still find it incredible that such a sweet, kind, generous, loving man would choose to be with me. I'm so lucky and I'm glad that I don't take him for granted as he truly is amazing in all that he does for me. Yes he certainly makes me smile.

Memories of Summer

I'm just clearing out my computer at work as I seem to have so much junk saved on there. As I was doing this I came across a bunch of photos we took of Summerland over the summer for a presentation and they made me smile. I'd forgotten how beautiful it was and how much fun I had over summer, mainly due to my fabulous friends (you know who you are). I know these
pictures don't do justice to the town but I'm terrible with a camera.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

One Day Strike

I'm looking forward to the long weekend, the joy of being able to stay in bed in the morning until after 6am. This week because I've been ill all I've wanted to do is lie in bed and have my Mum look after me. Unfortunately as a wife you can't do that anymore and I have to look after Craig who is just getting over his 'man flu'. So tomorrow I'm setting aside the day for myself, I'm going to sleep late, have a nice long bubble bath, get back in bed and read for a while and generally do what I want to do for a change. Luckily Craig will be working on the house so he shouldn't need me for anything. Yes tomorrow I officially go on strike for the day and I can't wait!

Monday, November 07, 2005


OK so I know I've been saying how much I'm looing forward to the snow and today I have my wish the snow is seriously falling, but does it have to be so darn cold? I walked to work this morning which was OK but by the time I got to work my ears were completely numb and I was losing the feeling in my thighs. Now every time somebody walks through the door at work we get an icy blast of air from outside. On the plus side though it looks beautiful outside with the snow falling on Giants Head Mountain, so i gues you can't have everything but if someone could talk to God about the idea of warm snow that would be great!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Living For The Weekend

About a year ago Craig and I made a secision to stop living for the weekend. We'd gotten into a routine of getting up at 6am going to work, I'd get home at 6pm cook dinner, tidy up, watch TV for about an hour and then go to bed to start it all over again the next day. Each morning and evening we'd say I can't wait until Friday, we spent 5 days out of seven wishing for the other two. It felt like we were wishing our lives away so we made a concious decision to change that mind set and enjoy the weeks instead of trying to get through them as quickly as possible. We were doing pretty well at it until the last week or so when again we're living for the weekend. I'm sat here and I am thrilled that it's Friday and I can stay in bed tomorrow until 8am (the bliss!) So once again I need to force myself to appreciate the weeks and enjoy all of life, not just the parts that happen on Saturday and Sunday.

Needing A Girls Night

It feels like forever since I've seen any of my friends (it's only been since Sunday night, with the exception of a brief visit to WorkZone by Amanda). I know it's all my fault and that people invite me out but I say no but it's usually because I'm not feeling great or I'm too tired not beacuse I don't want to be with you guys. Amanda hasn't even been stalking me when she picks up the Church post so I'm feeling in serious need of a girls night out. We need to get dressed up and go out for cocktails, the men can babysit. I've only seen Angella once in about a month I'm beginning to forget what she looks like, thank goodness for blogs or I'd be seriously lonely.

My resolution is to make time to see friends during the week and to stop being so tired and miserable (it would help if the alarm would stop going off at 5am but I don't expect miracles)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Snow is falling

I'm on official snow watch now, for the past few days the snow has been falling on the mountains across the lake. It's great to be able to sit at my desk in work and watch the clouds lift to reveal the snowy peaks. I can't wait for it to reach us although when that happens I'll have to start walking more places as my beloved husband bought an entirely impractical car for me to drive. More and more places in town are starting to put up their Christmas things, winter is here and I'm loving it.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Vomiting Sucks!

Ok so I'm ill again! I feel like I'm constantly getting sick lately and of course being me, every time I get sick I vomit everywhere. This is a phenomeon that began at the age of 17, conincidentally it started roughly two days after Craig and I began to date. I went through a period of about three months where I would vomit after pretty much every meal, the resulting weight loss was great but the gross side effects (bad breath, puke in the hair etc) kinda ruined it. My family pretty much thought I was bullemic, which I wasn't (anyone seeing me today can testify that I'm certainly not in any danger of wasting away any time soon), the doctor chalked it up to stress gave me some pills and it eventually stopped (is it a conincidence that Craig and I broke up around the same time I think not!). As a result of this happy period in my life most times I get sick the first thing that happens is I feel nauseous and vomit. Today is one such day, I am sat in work and for the past 7 hours have been trying not to projectile vomit on people walking through the door. I know I should go home but there's a really important document I need to get finished today and so I can't leave until I'm certain it's OK. I was feeling so sorry for myself earlier that I rang my Mum, that made me feel much better. So here I am sat watching the clock go round and wishing for 4.30 ( it would have to be my longest day at work today). For those of you who are going to Maya's house tonight stay away from me you have been warned I'm diseased!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My First Trick or Treaters

Ok so in England trick or treating isn't the cute activity it is in Canada. Those people who go around knocking on people's doors are usually teenagers with no costume who have nothing better to do. Nor do they come expecting candy, no they want cash and woe betide anyone who tries to give them anything other than cold hard cash. So you can imagine my delight when last night there was a knock on the door. There I was in my pyjamas (it was only 6pm but never mind). I had a bowl of sweets at the ready, Simpsons ones for the kids, fat free jellies for the Mums. Guess who my one and only trick or treaters were? Ben and Megan plus Christy and Dustin obviously as Ben can't quite reach the pedals to drive the van yet. They looked so cute, although technically Megan wasn't in costume but that was OK.

It seems such a strange custom to wear strange clothes go to someones house and demand candy or else you'll do something bad to them (sounds like terrorism to me).

Anyway thank you Ben for being my first real trick or treater in full costume and everything.

Late as usual

Sorry about the total lack of halloween pictures so far, I promise I'll try and do them tonight, knowing me though it'll be Christmas before I get around to it.

Amanda is going to kill me!

OK so I asked Amanda to come in and speak as part of our Canada Career Week events at work. I didn't think much about it because our Small Business events pretty much panned and nobody came so I figured Amanda was safe and probably wouldn't have to speak. Well as of this morning we have a nice list of people who want to come and see Amanda this afternoon. Most of them probably won't show up but there are still going to be a few. If I'd have known how popular Amanda was going to be I'd have had her in for Small Business Week because that was just embarassing (sitting in a room with a guest speaker and just yourself is no fun let me tell you). So I'm looking forward to this afternoon I just hope Amanda doesn't hate me too much.