Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Weekly House Update

We have foundation walls, well almost.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Going For Gold 2028

My baby is in training already for the 2028 Olympic Games and judging by the amount of activity in my uterus these past few days it's going for gold in the decathlon. It started the day of the ultrasound on Thursday when the ultrasound tech called my baby awkward (thanks!) as it wouldn't stay still for two seconds for her to get a decent picture of anything. Luckily all is going well with baby Meadow and I'm now 20 weeks and counting. Since the baby was called awkward on Thursday though it has taken exception to this comment and has been making me pay for it ever since, seriously the thing just doesn't stay still. I'm kinda glad it's making it's presence felt however as my nausea has pretty much stopped now so at least I have some symptom to reassure me that all is going well. As the nausea stopped the munchies began and I seem to be unable to eat enough food to satisfy my body oh well the weight loss was nice while it lasted, it's back to reality now.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just For You Dad

Here are a series of pretty boring pictures taken by Craig especially for my dad, so enjoy dad!

And So It Begins

They poured the footings today so the building of our house has officially begun.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

We Did It!!!!

We just got back from the US and we are now officially landed immigrants to Canada. It was actually easier than we expected as the US border guys just gave us a piece of paper saying we didn't want to go into the US so we could just turn around in the car park. Obviously first they made us drive into the garage and get out of the car while they searched it and we were taken into the office (Craig put his hands in his pockets because it was -10 and they freaked out, they seemed to think we were gun runners or something). I don't think we've ever been through a border or security check without being searched, we must look seriously shifty.

So we drove through the border and turned right back round and came through the Canada side, it's so different everyone is really friendly. They told us to park up and go see the immigration officer and half an hour and a whole load of paperwork later we were officially welcomed to Canada. We still had to do the whole customs thing which was funny as we'd not actually been anywhere. The customs guy thought it was weird that we'd originally moved to Canada with just one suitcase each, apparently we're entitled to ship a whole load of stuff over but we don't have anything, So we became Canadian residents with a grand total of $70 in our pockets and the clothes on our backs, it was a special moment.

And that is our day so far, oh and I've only thrown up once this morning in case you're eeping track.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Why is it nearly midnight and I'm still wide awake?

I seem to exist in a permanent haze these days, mostly due to the fact that I seem unable to sleep at night and am forced to flick through lame tv channels for endless hours. I'm either becoming nocturnal or the hormones are really messing my system up!

I'm not going to ask anyone to delurk as my blog bores me too much to write on it so I certainly don't expect anyone but the most loyal of friends to read it.

In news this week the baby is doing great and is growing well, although the doctor says I'm only 16 weeks not 18 weeks as the ultrasound tech said so my picture was misleading. In other good news I've now lost 13lbs since getting pregnant so only 34lbs more to reach my goal weight, why did no one ever mention the weight loss potential of having a baby? I got a sweet 24hour bug this week courtesy of my hubby and Christy's husband Dustin thanks guys, I swear they spend more time hanging out at my house than they do at work. This morning I took my friend's 9 month old twins to rhyme time at the library, it was certainly an experience! Sadie hated it, there were way too many people and she just freaked out the whole time, Jonah was fine and just sat there taking it all in, I'm not sure if I'll attempt it again next week it depends on how brave I'm feeling, thank goodness we're not having twins!!!!!!

We're hoping to go to the states tomorrow and come straight home again so we can finally become permanent residents of Canada. We had a minor crisis this week when my passport went missing, we freaked out as it's kinda a big deal when it has your visa in it and you're in a country that isn't technically your own. We tore every inch of our little home apart in vain for days with no luck and finally resigned ourselves to the fact that it was gone. We prayed and got friends to pray and yesterday Craig rang me at work to say my passport was just lying in one of the cubes we use to store dvds. The fact that we had both torn those things apart at least 5 times with no luck made it a little surprising but it just goes to show that pray is answered no matter how small a matter it might seem.

I think I've now purged myself of all the stuff I have to say plus it's time for my nap, oh I have a hard life I know.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Three reasons I wish I was a cat

You get to play hard
Then sleep hard
And being hairy is considered cute. No Fair!

18 Weeks

I like to think of this as a baby bump but it may have something to do with all the chocolate consumed in the past few weeks too.