Thursday, May 18, 2006

I Did It!!!

Last night was my introduction to the wonderful world of inline skating. We dutifully packed up the van and drove down to the beach (which smelt really bad last night by the way). After putting on my skates I stood up and just stood there! I couldn't work up the nerve to try and move until Craig held my hands and skated backwards to show me how it was done. We had so much fun and I'm proud to say I didn't fall over once. It was slightly disconcerting when a bus containing a youth group pulled up next to us and they all filed out. Needless to say I felt every snigger and look pointed in my direction as I gracefully (not!) glided up and down the car park. Oh well I'm sure it'll get easier with practice. The best bit though was Craig showing off to try and impress me (which he did) with his little jumps and tricks, it felt like we were teenagers again back when he did stupid stuff to impress me and I was daft enough to be impressed.


Angella said...

You guys are so cute! The road out here is nicely paved, and it doesn't smell :)

Jen said...

LOL! You'll catch on Adele. I learned in my friend's garage. He too was showing off for me and slipped in an oil slick in the garage. hahaha! Now I love rollerblading but I still need Jordan's help once in awhile getting on and off curbs. Our rollerblading usually ends with Jordan pulling me home behind him. :)

Amanda said...

Good for you for being brave enough to try something new. I'm having a hard time picturing Craig doing little pirouettes (sp?) and bunny hops on his blades. :) See you tonight at the pool; I'm going to be a good girl tonight and not skip aquasize.